Monday, June 06, 2005

Elephant Rock Ride

I did the Elephant Rock Ride this weekend in Castle Rock. It’s a bike ride of 50, 65 or 100 miles. You choose your poison. I chose the 100 mile ride, and today I’m paying for it. I’m not as sore as the Marathon three weeks ago, but I think this challenge was harder than the two marathons I’ve done. The first mile had one of those hills that reminded me of the Jane Fonda exercise video she put out years ago “feel the burn” I believe she used to say. Michelle always corrects me when I say lets go up to the Springs because you’re actually heading south, but I’m talking elevation not direction! The scenery is really beautiful and thanks to all the officers who kept me and the thousands of other cyclists safe. At the 61 mile marker they had an aid station and while glancing at the map I noticed one at 68. I found that strange, being that the other aid stations had been about 20 miles apart. I found out why and the name Roller Coaster Rd. Holly crap that road sucks! From mile 77 to about 86 was fun, it was all down hill and I think I got up to 38 miles an hour through that stretch. For the next month it’s swim, swim, swim. I plan to do an open water swim or two, then next month Lake Placid!