Thursday, June 29, 2006

I am Ironman!

Well it's official after two years of training and last years failure I am officially an Ironman. I completed the 140.6 mile race in 14:49:10 on Sunday June 25th 2006 in Couer D' Alene, Idaho. It was a very hot day 95 in fact. The water in the morning was all of 61 however, and it took several minutes to breathe normally. A little over 2100 athletes started out that morning, and it was a bit like the running of the bulls. Arms, and legs flailing, and I was literally trying to swim for survival. Unlike last year in Lake Placid you could not see the line underneath the buoys. I picked out a sail boat near the last buoy on the first side and I went to work. The way back in on the first loop I had very litte to look at ahead of me. I decided to look for a buoy every 10-20 strokes. The other swimmers kept me sum what aligned, but you can't relay on someone else in this race. My left arm was going a little numb, but I think this was do to the wet suit pinching something. I exited the water in good condition not even dizzy as I had been in previous days while swimming. I had decided to wear ear plugs and double swim cap, and I think this strategy made the difference in the new found equilibrium. As I came around the second time I knew I was not far off last years pace. I exited the water in 124:00 and change. Only 3 minutes off last years pace.

After an 8 minute transition where I loaded up on sun screen (Something I learned from last year) I headed out on the bike. I did the first loop in 3 hours, and I felt great going into the second loop. I left a little on the bike the second loop; even taking a moment of silence as I past the 103 mile mark (where I dropped last year). I finished the second loop in 3:34, for a total time of 6:34 something.

I ran the first mile, but felt out of breath, and a tighting in my back that stretched around the front. I decided to walk until I felt better, which didn't come until the last mile. I sprinted down the finish line to my family. Mike Reilly yelled out: John Dent from Aurora, Colorado. Congratulations John You're an Ironman!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Elephant Rock revenge

Last year I vowed never to do the Elephant Rock Ride again, but I decided to give it another chance this past weekend. I have worked hard this year on my cycling, and while I am still not very good, I did improve my time by an hour and a half. Michelle the kids and I leave for Ironman Idaho next weekend. I just hope I did not over compensate in the cycling arena, but I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks!