Friday, May 14, 2004


I was watching the Lakers vs Spurs Game 5 last night. Good game! It was back and forth the whole way. At the end of the game with the Lakers up by one Tim Duncan of the Spurs hit an impossible shot leaving four tenths of a second on the clock. I am not a spurs fan, but I hate the Lakers and I was very happy they were about to lose. Phil Jackson, the coach of the Lakers was so calm I couldn't believe it. Maybe it's the fact he has 9 championships, or maybe he knew .04 in sports is just enough time to destroy the Spurs chances of winning back to back championships. Well thats exactly what happened the Lakers threw up a prayer and the basketball gods answered! Is there anything else but sports where .04 means as much?


philly said...
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Anonymous said...

I think John should pursue a career as a sportswriter/commentator!! You have great insight and awesome writing style! - L