Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I was talking with my cousin Michael yesterday about our crazy family and I realized how little I know. I have few memories from when I was little and as I get older they get more, and more blurry. I hope it’s not that way with my adult memories! I felt a bit disconnected after our conversation. I can’t imagine how someone with early dementia must feel. How frustrating it must be to see a face and have no idea who that person is.


Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous, I just didn't want to sign in. I always think it is too bad that most of us don't know that much about each other and the things we have all been through, especially family. That is why I have been wanting to have each of us write our memories - just short little memories of grandmothers, grandfathers, siblings, others, and put them together in a family history. I love geneology, and I have all these pictures of our relatives, and no matter how rich or complex their lives may have been, no one will ever know. Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

I couldn't decide where to post a comment since there are so many funny things written here. I think the comment on water conservation is quite comical. I also wonder why "Philly's" comment after the Lakers post was eliminated by blog administrator. I can only assume Philly is our brother Phil buit his post name is "yerdumshutup" which only convinces me it's him even more, but I can't prove it. Anyway, not much to say here. I'm in Utah today. I don't guess that's newsworthy. Thanks to Kathy for the idea of posting things annonymously. I don't like logging into things. I wonder why our cousin Michael never talks to me. Hmmmm.... I don't have anything inspirational to say at all.