Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Daydreaming slows motor response

When you wake up as early as I do and I’m talking three to four hours before the sun comes up, all your motor factions and functions tend to outpace your brain by seconds, sometimes minutes. Driving while still half asleep presents its own set of challenges. Even on my best day, when I’m alert I occasionally drive on auto pilot. In this context I would define auto pilot as driving for a good distance, but not remembering covering that distance. So this morning I’m driving down Pena blvd at my very typical 70 mph in a 65, When I realized I’m not doing 70 anymore I’m going 55. Have you ever noticed how daydreaming, or just taking your mind off whatever your doing automatically slows down you motor response? It makes sense, but I really never thought much of it until this morning. Van Halen’s song “Right Now” was playing on the radio, and the lyrics were speaking to me “Miss a beat, you lose your rhythm and nothin’ falls into place only missed by a fraction slipped a little off your pace”……. It’s funny, but I think maybe this song was speaking to me. While looking up the lyrics to this song to put in my blog entry, I thought about how this song fit me in so many ways. Oh well, I’ll go into that some other time.

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